Search & Set Caller Tunes on your Reliance Mobile

Search & Set Your Caller Tune For Your Reliance Mobile with Just Easy Steps
1.Just Type Movie Name/Song Name/Singer Name from Your Reliance       Mobile.
2. Send it to 51234999(toll Free).

                             Step 1:
                                          Send “Bin tere” to 51234 999,
                                          The result appears on your mobile: ” Search results :
                                          1. Bin tere (I hate luv stories Hindi movie),
                                          2. tere bin (Woh Lamhe Hindi Movie)……..”

                            Step 2:
                                   Select your choice of your song if it is 
                                 1.Bin Tere then Reply with “1″ to 51234 999 to set as your Callertune.
                                 Charges :
                       `30/month & `10/Tune


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